Pilanesberg National Park

Adjacent to Sun City is the beautiful Pilanesberg National Park - one of the largest in South Africa and also a malaria free zone. The park covers an area of 55 000-hectares and its plains are rich and fertile as they were once part of a now extinct volcanic crater. Majestic hills encircle the park and a large central watering hole is ideal for game viewing. The park is found in the transition zone of the Kalahari and the Lowveld, and therefore both types of vegetation are found.

Pilanesberg National Park is home to all of the Big Five and other large game including giraffe, hippo, zebra and crocodile- as well as an extreme diversity of birdlife - over 300 species have been recorded. A visit to the park is always rewarding - guided excursions from Sun City can be taken, and due to the parks' extended gate hours - both dusk and dawn game drives can be enjoyed. In addition, guests can take their own vehicles into the park and explore at their leisure using the excellent network of maintained roads within the park. There are a number of hides and picnic spots to stop and stretch your legs.

The Pilanesberg National Park was opened in 1979 and can lay claim to one of the most successful resettlement projects in South Africa. Over 6000 animals were reintroduced to the park during the 1980's and the park today is home to nearlly all of the animal species of Southern Africa.

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